Within the framework of Mexico's commitment as a path-finding country in the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, and to accelerate the achievement of the End Violence goals, a group of faith based organizations, under the leadership of World Vision Mexico and the technical guidance of UNICEF Mexico, opened a space for dialogue, discussion and analysis among faith based organizations to define concrete actions for the prevention and elimination of violence against children in the country. The first meeting of the Faith-Based Communities for the Protection of Children and Adolescents took place on 25th May, 2018 at the Methodist Church of the Holy Trinity in Mexico City, Mexico. This idea arose after the participation of some of these faith-based organizations at the GNRC 5th Forum in Panama in May 2017.

GNRC–Mexico was launched on 24th May 2018, a day before the meeting of the Faith-Based Communities for the Protection of Children and Adolescents at the Methodist Church of the Holy Trinity in Mexico City, Mexico. World Vision hosted the meeting attended by a group of faith based organizations, including the Methodist Church, the Anglican Church, the Theological Community of Mexico, the Methodist Church, the Scalabrinian Mission for Migrants and Refugees and the Zen Buddhist Community. GNRC chaired the meeting through her Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, Ms. Silvia Mazzarelli. Participants discussed the opportunity of building a GNRC network in Mexico. During her presentation, Ms. Mazzarelli presented Arigatou International and her initiatives, with more focus on GNRC’s priorities and the follow-up to the Panama Commitments on Ending Violence Against Children reached at the GNRC 5th Forum in May 2017.

GNRC–Pakistan through its partnering organizations, Search For Justice and CAN Pakistan, conducted a workshop for senior police officials on 27th April 2018 in Lahore, Pakistan. The meeting dubbed, “Workshop with Police Officials on Legal Framework of Child Protection and handling of Child Abuse Cases,” aimed at analyzing the implementation of child rights and child protection laws as per international obligations. The Australian High Commission in Pakistan also supported the workshop.

Shanti Ashram has partnered with Arigatou International - End Child Poverty to build a better world for children in the region and across India. Shanti Ashram's mission is to serve as a catalyst to empower different sections of rural communities and the society at large. Demonstrating it's mission, Shanti Ashram has successfully established impactful and simple solutions to end child poverty.

A Day with the Parliamentarians on Child Rights, Pakistan

Search For Justice/CAN Pakistan through GNRC’s support conducted a training workshop for parliamentarians on child rights and child protection in Pakistan. The workshop, which took place in Lahore on 2nd May 2018, was attended by twenty two (22) Members of the Punjab Provincial Assembly including the Provincial Minister, Mrs. Zakia Shahnawaz. Media representatives and Civil Society Organizations also graced the event.

GNRC–Tanzania Contributes to a Clean Environment

GNRC–Tanzania has been nominated as the lead interfaith organization in Tanzania to mobilize faith efforts towards a healthy and safe Tanzania, free of waste pollution. The opportunity comes at a time when the world is commemorating the World Environment Day on 5th June, 2018 themed, “Beating Plastic Pollution.” The day is important for mobilizing worldwide awareness and action towards the protection of our environment. Since it began in 1974, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries.

GNRC Participates at the Regional Consultation on School Bullying

On 27th April 2018, Ms. Silvia Mazzarelli, the GNRC–Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean and Ms. Ingrid Martínez, Member–GNRC–Dominican Republic, attended the Regional Consultation on School Bullying held in Mexico City, hosted by the Government of Mexico, in cooperation with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). The Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children (SRSG-VAC), the Inter-American Children’s Institute (IIN), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Children and Adolescents Rights (REDLAMYC) also supported the event.