What We Do


GNRC members cooperate on a voluntary basis on interfaith projects to promote children’s well being and their rights locally, nationally, regionally and globally. Our cooperation takes many forms: we share best practices, offer advice and encouragement, mobilize faith-based and other resources, seek to maximize synergies among our individual efforts, and link our local and national efforts for children with larger global advocacy on children’s issues. Inspired by our faith in children and working closely with children and young people themselves in all of our projects, we aim to forge an inclusive, multi-stakeholder global movement that brings all people together in the common cause of ensuring that every child can grow up safe and sound and reach his or her full human potential.

Our Objectives

  1. To call members and others to make uniquely faith-based contributions to the creation of a better environment for children through engaging in prayer, mutual enlightenment, dialogue and cooperation among people of different faiths, including children, on the local, national, regional and global levels;
  2. To take concrete action with and for children through interfaith cooperation, and to engage adults and children in inter-religious dialogue for creating a better environment for children in a diverse and globalizing world;
  3. To encourage members and others to build a global movement for children in order to promote significant changes in the environment facing children, working in cooperation with international organizations, academics, the business community and people of all walks of life around the world;
  4. To promote children’s rights in their entirety as defined by official documents including the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Right;
  5. To assist members and others in their work with and for children to build a peaceful world of human dignity, where children can grow up in sound physical, psychological, and spiritual health.
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