GNRC Coordinators and Contact Persons


The work of the GNRC is facilitated through the efforts of many GNRC Coordinators and Contact Persons, each of whom has stepped forward to offer his or her experience with children’s issues, passion for the well-being of children and coordination skills to assist GNRC members in developing interfaith cooperation projects, working for and with children and young people.

GNRC Coordinators and contact persons in africa.
Sandrine Nkurunziza.

Ms. Sandrine Nkurunziza

Contact Person, GNRC Burundi APDEJ Turashoboye

Mr. Alexander Gwanvalla

Contact Person, GNRC Cameroon. Community Green Engagement Cameroon

Mr. Akim Said M’changama.

Mr. Akim Said M’changama

Coordinator, GNRC Comoros. Director, Conseil de la Paix

Mr. Jonas Habimana.

Mr. Jonas Habimana

Contact Person, GNRC DR Congo Bureau d’Informations, Formations,’’BIFERD’’

Ms. Yvette Munyerenkana, Contact Person, GNRC DR Congo.

Ms. Yvette Munyerenkana

Contact Person, GNRC DR Congo

Mr. Eyob Yishak

Contact Person, GNRC Ethiopia Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus

Mr. Emmanuel Ametepey

Contact Person, GNRC Ghana Youth Advocates, Ghana

Sh. Ramadhan Aula.

Sh. Ramadhan Aula

Coordinator, GNRC Kenya Director, Centre for Sustainable Conflict Resolution (CSCR)

Mr. Belall Maudarbux

Contact Person, GNRC Mauritius

Mr. Muhammad Yassine

Contact Person, GNRC Mozambique

Ms. Natasha Kanguatjivi.

Ms. Natasha Kanguatjivi

Contact Person, GNRC Namibia

Sr. Agatha Chikelue.

Sr. Agatha Chikelue

Contact Person, GNRC Nigeria

Ayoub Nsanzintwali.

Ayoub Nsanzintwali

Contact Person, GNRC Rwanda Umbrella for Vulnerable

Mr. Ba Abdoul Aziz.

Mr. Ba Abdoul Aziz

Contact Person, GNRC Senegal. Movement for Peace and Harmony, Senegal

Ptr. Peter Alfred.

Ptr. Peter Alfred

Coordinator, GNRC Sierra Leone Christian Outreach Justice Mission Sierra Leone

Mr. Abdiweli Waberi.

Mr. Abdiweli Waberi

Contact Person, GNRC Somalia. African Youth and Child network for Human Rights

Ms. Saydoon Nisa Sayed

Coordinator, GNRC South Africa

Bishop Martin Mogga Ifoga.

Bishop Martin Mogga Ifoga

Contact Person, GNRC South Sudan, Hands of Grace

Ms. Joyce Mdachi.

Ms. Joyce Mdachi

Coordinator, GNRC Tanzania

Geoffrey Omony.

Geoffrey Omony

Coordinator, GNRC Uganda Youth Leaders for Restoration and Development

GNRC Coordinators and Contact persons in LAC.
Ana de Medio.

Ana de Medio

Coordinator, GNRC Argentina Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI)

Rabbi Pablo Berman.

Rabbi Pablo Berman

Coordinator, GNRC Brasil Comunidade Judaica do Paraná

María José Ananías.

María José Ananías

Coordinator, GNRC Chile Asociación Chilena de Diálogo Interreligioso

Luis Alberto Rubiano.

Luis Alberto Rubiano

Contact Person, GNRC Colombia Iglesia Luterana

Alicia Sevila.

Alicia Sevila

Coordinator, GNRC Cuba Fraternidad de Iglesias Bautistas de Matanzas

Cándido Heredia.

Cándido Heredia

Coordinator, GNRC Dominican Republic Muchachos y Muchachas con Don Bosco

Mr. Marco Laguatasi

Coordinator, GNRC Ecuador

Larry Madrigal.

Larry Madrigal

Coordinator, GNRC El Salvador

Lorena Coy.

Lorena Coy

Coordinator, GNRC Guatemala

Sr. Diana Garcia

Coordinator, GNRC Mexico

Azucena Lopez

Coordinator, GNRC Nicaragua

Isis Navaro.

Isis Navaro

Coordinator, GNRC Panama

Esperanza Principiom

Coordinator, GNRC Peru

John Hamilton

John Hamilton

Coordinator, GNRC Uruguay 

Ms. Ismeta Begic

Coordinator, GNRC Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Director, ”UZ” Mozaik

Ms. Ana Žnidarec Čučković.

Ms. Ana Žnidarec Čučković

Contact Person, GNRC Croatia Nansen Dialogue Centre

Ms. Natalia Seriakova.

Ms. Natalia Seriakova

Contact Person, GNRC Germany Founder and Director, JuBuK

Mr. Dragi Zmijanac.

Mr. Dragi Zmijanac

Coordinator, GNRC Macedonia, and Director, First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi

Ms. Angela Chicu.

Ms. Angela Chicu

Coordinator, GNRC Moldova. Association of Professional Women from Moldova

Ms. Sabra Decević.

Ms. Sabra Decević

Contact Person, GNRC Montenegro Djeca Crne Gore-Children of Montenegro

Ms. Laura Molnar.

Ms. Laura Molnar

Coordinator, GNRC Romania Education For Change

Mr. Srdjan Vlaskalic.

Mr. Srdjan Vlaskalic

Coordinator, GNRC Serbia Sombor Educational Center

Ms. Sonia de la Puente

Contact Person, GNRC Spain