GNRC Networks

A country coordinator, as the name implies, coordinates GNRC activities at the national level. A country coordinator is elected (or selected) by other members of the country. S/he is then confirmed by the GNRC Secretary General in consultation with Arigatou International. On confirmation, the country coordinator calls together other organizations and individuals in the country who are committed to the objectives of the GNRC. Together, they then form a network led by a national committee. These committees typically consist of multiple organizations from diverse faith traditions.

Countries belonging to a specific sub-region of the world may also choose to form larger sub-regional groups or networks. A GNRC contact person may be appointed as the focal point for such a group or network. Additionally, countries and/or sub-regions may form world-region groups or networks. Conversely, smaller, more localized GNRC networks or groups can be formed through the facilitation of the GNRC country coordinator. Local, country, sub-regional and world-region networks are formed as needed to facilitate the work of the GNRC at various levels.

GNRC members who wish to coordinate, facilitate and promote the work of all the GNRC members in a given country are invited to step forward, with the support of other members in their nation, to serve as volunteer “GNRC Country Coordinators.”

Country Coordinators are endorsed or appointed by the GNRC Secretariat in a process of consultation with other GNRC members in each country.

GNRC Maps.
GNRC Maps.
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