Arigatou International

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The idea for the GNRC came from Arigatou International, which continues to support the GNRC’s growth today.

Arigatou International is “All for Children” and works with people from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds to build a better world for children. Believing that every girl and boy is a precious treasure of humanity, Arigatou International draws on universal principles of the common good found in religious and spiritual traditions and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Arigatou employs interfaith and intercultural approaches to promote children’s rights and well-being, seeking to bring about positive change at all levels—from the grassroots to the global. The three thematic initiatives (Education for Children, Prayer and Action for Children, and End Child Poverty) are key resources for the GNRC members around the world.

These four initiatives work together in synergies to achieve a peaceful world for ‘All for Children’. Arigatou International is guided by the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially the targets related to children.

Arigatou values children for who they are and fully involves them in its work, ensuring their safe and meaningful participation while affirming their human dignity. Arigatou International collaborates with religious leaders and faith communities, international agencies, civil society organizations, governments—and most importantly, children and young people themselves—in more than 80 countries around the world.

Arigatou International was founded in 1990 by the Japanese Buddhist organization Myochikai, whose members continue to support its work today. The name “Arigatou” means “thank you” in Japanese, and it expresses the spirit of the Myochikai members, who are grateful to have the opportunity to support children around the world by their giving.

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