Membership in the GNRC is open to all faith-inspired and spiritual organizations or groups, as well as individuals who are working for and with children. Members are volunteers. They work for children’s rights and well-being at all levels, promoting cooperation within and outside the network.

GNRC members are people of faith and goodwill who are driven by deep conviction and impelled by a sense of responsibility to uphold the rights and dignity of children everywhere, convinced that this is the most direct path to a world of peace and justice for all. A GNRC member must possess one or more of the following attributes:

  • Be actively engaged in promoting children’s rights and well-being.
  • Be in full harmony with the aims and work of the GNRC and Arigatou International.
  • Be willing to cooperate with other GNRC members in building a better world for children.
  • Be ready to establish GNRC at local, national, sub-regional, and regional levels, with the facilitation and endorsement of the GNRC Secretariat and Arigatou International.

An organization or individual fulfilling the conditions for membership in the GNRC may apply directly to the GNRC Secretariat via the GNRC website form directly below or via the country coordinator in their country.


Membership Application Form

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