Our Invitation, Our Mission

Our Vision

A peaceful world where every human being takes full responsibility for children’s dignity, safety, well-being and joy.

Our Mission

Steadfast in belief in the infinite value of every human life, and in the shared universal values and common humanity of all peoples, the mission of the GNRC is to mobilize the potential of all religions to empower ordinary people at the grassroots level to make unique faith-based contributions to the realization of every child’s right to attain full physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, moral, and social development while seeking partnership with leaders, individuals and communities, international, national, and regional institutions, grassroots organizations, and people of goodwill everywhere.

Image of Rev. Takeyasu Miyamoto.

“I would like to express once more, on behalf of the Global Network of Religions for Children, our most profound commitment — we shall devote ourselves to bringing about, through prayer and practice, this global, ‘silent spiritual revolution’ for the future of children.” – Late Rev. Takeyasu Miyamoto

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