How the GNRC Works


The work of the GNRC is coordinated by a Secretariat based in Nairobi, Kenya, and facilitated through the volunteer efforts of numerous GNRC coordinators and contact persons around the world. Each one of them has stepped forward to offer his or her experience with children’s issues, passion for the well-being of children, and coordination skills to assist GNRC members in developing interfaith cooperation projects, working for and with children and young people.

The GNRC coordinators and contact persons take the initiative to organize and promote GNRC activities, and, with the support of Arigatou International, strive to develop the GNRC at all levels — local, national, sub-regional, regional, and global.

They work in consultation with other GNRC members in their areas to set the course for programs and projects, and they coordinate related tasks, including drawing up and implementing annual activity plans. In doing so, they strive to create opportunities for collaboration among GNRC members and their partners and engage in advocacy in various global forums related to the concerns of the GNRC.

The Network also collaborates with the other three initiatives of Arigatou International— Ethics Education for Children, Prayer and Action for Children and End Child Poverty, to build synergy around efforts to promote child rights and well-being. These initiatives were launched during the GNRC second, third and fourth Forums, respectively. GNRC works with many other partners at the global, regional, national and grassroots levels, leveraging and mobilizing resources needed to build a better world for children.

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