What Children Are Saying



“I strongly believe that everyone is capable of changing the world for the better. Through involving myself in the GNRC Youth group, I believe that my teammates and I will succeed in raising awareness, improving behavior, and combating old stereotypes of discrimination. 

I encourage every young person to try and make a change in their society. 

Rebeca, 16 years old 


“As young people, we should shape our narratives and our way of thinking and be at the forefront of advocating for peace. We should not enter conflicts because of our differences in tribe, gender or religion. We should also encourage one another to engage in small initiatives or businesses that will enable us to be economically sustainable.” 

~ Student, Sokoine University 


“There is a need to empower children through consistent efforts so that they can identify the various types of violence and abuse and be able to react in such difficult situations. 

~ Sheral 


“We should respect other people’s religion, and learn about them so that we do not display ignorance towards them and their beliefs.”  

~ Ahmed

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

“The Secretariat through Mr. Jonas Habimana, Coordinator, GNRC DRC, has equipped us with tailoring skills and tools needed to start a tailoring business that has helped us meet our daily needs.”  

~ Kethia and Jemima 

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