Remarks at the GNRC Third Forum Opening Ceremony by Hon. Yuzan Fujita


Remarks at the GNRC Third Forum Opening Ceremony

Hon. Yuzan Fujita, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture

First, let me express my heartfelt congratulations on the holding of the Third Forum of the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) here in Hiroshima and extend a hearty welcome to all of you gathered from all around the world.

I would also like to express my deep respect to the members of the GNRC for tirelessly engaging in solving the problems that the children of the world are facing.

Currently, Hiroshima prefecture has launched a “campaign for the positive development of future generations” which advocates the involvement of every sector in the rearing of children, including communities, corporations and governments. We are actively working on providing physically and emotionally supportive environment in which parents can raise their children, thereby enhancing their nurturing of the next generation.

It is truly meaningful for people of faith around the globe to put aside their differences and come together to consider the main theme of “Learning to Share” and “what we should do to make the world a sharing and supportive place together with children.”

The people of Hiroshima have never given up their hope for peace. Their untiring efforts, warmly supported by people all over the world, have returned natural beauty and energy to a city that was devastated by the atomic bomb 63 years ago.

I hope the history and energy of Hiroshima help you engage in productive discussions on how to combat problems such as violence against children, regional conflicts, and poverty, which is one cause of violence.

Let me finish my remarks with a prayer for the realization of a world where all children can be safe and sound, as well as for the continued growth of the GNRC.

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