Present Conditions of Children’s Rights and what is expected of the religious people – Conclusion



In conclusion, I wish to challenge the religious organizations to think broadly and act broadly in the endeavor to secure the rights of children.

Global issues such as:

a) Ensuring peace in the nation and among nations

b) Ensuring child rights based policy are in each and every country

c) Providing information on HIV/AIDS and ensuring there is adequate care for children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

d) Ensuring that basic rights of children to Education, health care, shelter are met by states or through international cooperation.

e) Ensuring that national poverty eradication strategies have taken into focus children rights.

f) Ensuring good governance, morally just government are elected by the people and for the people.

g) Fostering International cooperation to cut down trafficking of children for purpose of slavery or sexual exploitation or recruitment into rebel movements.

h) Debt forgiven as part of the strategy for poverty reduction should still remain high on the religious leaders agenda.



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