World Day of Prayer and Action for Children celebrated in Spain

The World Day of Prayer and Action for Children was celebrated on the 19th of November 2010, in the Anglican Cathedral of Madrid, Spain.

Representatives of the Anglican, Baha’i, Catholic and Muslim communities participated in this event that had as main objective enhancing the solidarity between religious communities and children, especially those exposed to the consequences of the economical crisis that has been affecting the country. The event included the reading of some particular articles mentioned in the Children’s Rights Convention by some of the assisting children. The adults joined them while in the process of creating drawings to express their vision with regards to what children need in order to live in dignity.

Another important theme was the topic of breastfeeding. This specific subject was tackled from children’s perspective on their rights to healthy alimentation and based on the general benefits of maternal breastfeeding.For this specific discussion, the team considered the document Life Skills created by UNICEF.

The event included also a short session of prayer and reflexion performed by the participating communities and concluded with an aperitif that occasioned the opportunity for participants to interact, share and know each other better. Different materials on the benefits of breastfeeding were also distributed during the event, along with a Global Network for Religions of Children information brochure.

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