Sheikh. Ramadhan Aula


Sh. Ramadhan is the GNRC Kenya Coordinator. He is also the Director of the Center for Sustainable Conflict Resolution, also known as the Peace Center. He is an experienced “preventing and countering violent extremism” (PCVE) practitioner and trainer in Kenya. His work includes the Horn of Africa youth trainings on effective use of the media at the IGAD Centre of Excellence in Djibouti and in Nairobi. He has also trained local religious leaders, community leaders, and youth in PCVE. Sheikh Aula has additionally participated in writing PCVE Training Manuals, including the Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism (BRAVE) Manual. He is currently one of the experts involved in developing a PCVE Handbook that is under publication. He has also provided expertise in writing PCVE in relation to Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Sheikh Aula heads a number of PCVE projects in the country including BRAVE, an intra faith Muslim movement on preventing and countering violent extremism; Sheikh’s Response to Radicalization and Violent Extremism (SHARE); Sheikhs and Ulama Against Violent Extremism (SUAVE); the Mandera Triangle Project that involves the shared border towns of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia; Deep Dialogue (DD); direct engagement with radicalized individuals with an aim to disengage and deradicalize them; and Deep Dialogue Workshops involving religious leaders and county security officers in Kenya to build trust and establish cooperation between these two stakeholders.

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