Ms. Teodora Ioana


Ms. Teodora is a psychological coach and counselor from Romania. She works with young students and professionals who try to find their calling. She is also involved in teaching activities at the university that granted her psychology degree. She serves GNRC Romania, where she holds complimentary seminars for children in schools as part of the “Building Safe Learning Contexts” program.

Ms. Teodora got involved with GNRC because of her teacher and supervisor, Ms. Laura Molnar. Together, they discovered how meaningful it is to work with children and empower them to become emotionally competent individuals.

Ms. Teodora’s passion to improve the lives of children stems from what she learned as a student in school– that is the need for emotional health and balance. She wants to participate in educating the younger generations about these matters. She believes that the ability to understand and accept one’s feelings makes one resilient to challenges, which is essential for children on their journey towards maturity.

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