Ms. Claudette Mubarak


Ms. Mubarak is from Bethlehem – Palestine. She is a young Palestinian activist who studied education, specializing in history and geography. She works for the Arab Educational Institute (AEI) – a member organization of Pax Christi International – as an assistant coordinator for women, children, and youth projects. She also oversees communications at the institute.

Ms. Mubarak decided to work with GNRC as a GCCA because she respects and believes in the GNRC’s mission: promoting children’s rights and well-being at all levels. As a certified teacher, she works with children in schools, and at the AEI, she monitors and is responsible for the code of conduct and safeguarding of children groups. She loves interacting and communicating with children because they revive her soul and give her inner peace.

Due to the world being cruel and dangerous, full of crises, wars, poverty, and climate change, she is convinced of the importance of working with children to help them navigate this world. She believes that it can be done by taking care of their needs and rights, providing the appropriate services for them, and working on raising their voices through advocacy campaigns.

Quote: Children are the world’s most valuable resource and their best hope for the future.

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