Mr. Vedhan Singh


Mr. Singh is a grassroots activator, policy influencer, and aspiring Pan-African human rights defender. He stands for the inclusion and mainstreaming of Africa’s children and youth, women, and girls, and minority and marginalized persons at policy development processes and high-level decision-making tables. His area of practice is strategic communications and preventing violent extremism through interfaith dialogue.

He currently serves as a Senior Protocol Officer and resource person for continental and international institutions in communications and media, diplomacy and facilitation, marketing and liaison. He has extensive experience in peace and security, governance, and elections.

He became interested in the GNRC due to its absence of bureaucracy, open lines of communication, and open-door policy. He enjoys the uniqueness of the GNRC in the sense of it being able to have its finger firmly on the ground locally by engaging the right national actors, yet still having a global reach not only by the influence of the same actors but by its internationally recognized and acclaimed brand.

He believes that children are not the future but the present and that they must be molded and shaped into people who will lead Africa into the future with ethical leadership and principled political leadership.

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