Mr. Mudasser Ahmad Tahir


Mr. Tahir resides in Lahore, Pakistan. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Lahore Leads University. He works as a communication associate for an NGO whose primary focus is child protection.

For the last three years, he has been volunteering in projects on child rights and has been a part of advocacy, legislative lobbying, and national and international campaigns around child protection and child rights. He has attended multiple workshops on “Protecting Children from Violence, Abuse, Exploitation and Harmful Practices and Promotion of Online Safety”. Additionally, he conducts research on child-related topics and has had his work published.

Mr. Tahir works with the GNRC because of the Network’s dedication to securing the rights of children and its efforts to end child poverty. He believes that children are the future of society, and that to have a safe and secure future we should create safe and healthy spaces for children where they can learn, play, and express themselves without fear.

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