Humphrey Macharia


Mr. Macharia is a Programs Officer at GNRC, based in Nairobi. His special interest is sustainable development for developing countries. He has vast experience in multi-faith-based programming and collaboration and has worked with community, regional and global programs that integrate faith-based approaches and innovations in building collective resilience of faith communities in response to humanitarian and development needs.

Mr. Macharia’s background includes both research and finance, having worked in finance and accounting at Hagon Hotel, Realtime Translators and Eco Consultancy and Research Kenya. He has also worked as a research associate for peace programs for children and youth in Nairobi, Isiolo and Mombasa. He joined Arigatou International in 2019 as a Finance and Program Assistant for Building Family Resilience (a GCERF project). In 2022, he was promoted to GNRC program officer for research and M&E.

Mr. Macharia holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and a Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from Kenyatta University. After his degree, he advanced to Grenoble University in France where he attained his Diploma in French Language and Culture (DALF). He is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation at Africa Nazarene University.

Mr. Macharia is an active volunteer with various youth mentorship and community-based programs.

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