Halima Wanjiku


Ms. Wanjiku, based at Arigatou International- Nairobi, serves as the GNRC’s Network Admin Assistant while supporting the communication desk and End Child Poverty. She has a B.A in Gender and Development Studies from Kenyatta University. Previously, Ms. Wanjiku worked as an intern in the State Department for Gender under Kenya’s Ministry of Public Service, Gender, Senior Citizens Affairs, and Special Programs. She later joined the Acarta Institute of Research, working as a Research Assistant.

While pursuing her degree, Ms. Wanjiku organized community service programs to help orphaned children access food and educational materials. She received a Presidential Award under the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards for her outstanding community service.

Ms. Wanjiku is passionate about enhancing financial literacy among women and young girls. She has actively advocated for the importance of women-led business in the Coastal and Central regions of the country and on social media. She has also been an active player in promoting children’s rights (especially those from vulnerable communities), youth activism in climate change, advocating to end gender-based violence, and eradicating violent extremism and violence against children.

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