Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali


Dr. Mustafa Y. Ali serves as the Executive Director of Arigatou International – Nairobi.

He is also the Secretary-General for the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), a position he has held from 2013 to date, supervising the work of the Network now present in 76 countries around the world, including in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Middle East and North Africa regions, and North America.

Dr. Ali is a practitioner of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. His approach to peace and sustainable development focuses on conflict prevention and shared security paradigms, through tracks 1 and 1.5 diplomacy, (and back-channelling) actions and communications combined with interreligious dialogue and action for both political- and religious-based conflicts.

Dr. Ali has conceived, designed, and led the implementation of special programs to sustainably, and comprehensively address the misuse and manipulation of religion to justify violence and conflicts. He initiated groundbreaking work including the Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism (BRAVE), Doctrine Revision, Deep Dialogue, and Family Resilience, among others,  in addressing the most pressing challenges related to radicalization, violent extremism, terrorism and gang violence in Kenya, the Horn of Africa, and several African countries. He has been actively finding peaceful ways to address conflicts in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, and Uganda, among other countries.

He is a regular specialist analyst and contributor on peace and security issues on global networks such as British Broadcasting Corporation, (BBC), Cable News Network (CNN), Voice of America (VOA), China Global Television Network (CGTN), and the local media including Nation Television (NTV), Kenya Television Network (KTN), Citizen Television and others.

Dr. Ali has been awarded, numerous times, for his community, peace, and conflict resolution work. Some of these awards include the Coexist International Peace Prize given to him in New York in 2012 to honor his action-oriented work on conflict transformation in Africa. Former Ireland President Mary Robinson, former Egypt Grand Mufti Sheikh Ali Gomaa, and Rabbi David Rosen, voted Dr. Ali to receive this prize citing ‘his vision and courage in mobilizing faith leaders in transforming difficult and challenging conflicts in many parts of Africa.’ Other awards include the Community Service Award given to him by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Interior by HH Prince Saif bin Zayed al Nahyan; Jasiri Award (Award of Bravery) by the Government of Kenya and Epuka Ugaidi for solid contribution to addressing extremism, terrorism, and gang violence in Kenya; among others.

A much sought-after speaker, thinker, thought leader, and an expert on conflict resolution and analysis by think tanks universities, and the media, Dr. Ali has lectured at many universities and conferences in over 60 countries around the world. He is a regular guest lecturer at the University of Nairobi, National Defense College of the National Defense University – Kenya, where he is often invited to deliver lectures of opportunity on peace and security to visiting senior members of the military, security services, and peace corps from scores of countries around the world.

Dr. Ali holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Sociology and International Relations from the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom; a Master of Arts Degree in Diplomacy and International Studies from the University of Nairobi, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Sciences from Moi University. He is an author (and co-author) of several books including Globalization of Terrorism: From Sicariis, Assasins to ISIS; The Globalization of the Kenyan Media; Alone and Frightened – Experiential Stories of Former Child Soldiers in Uganda; Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism Manual and Handbook, among others.

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