GNRC Inauguration Address by Rev. Takeyasu Miyamoto

GNRC Inauguration Address by Rev. Takeyasu Miyamoto

May 18, 2000

Shakyamuni Buddha recognized the egocentric nature of human affection and preached a love for all humankind that can be realized through the spirit and practice of altruism. He established precepts that safeguard human rights by teaching us to refrain from causing harm or injury to others. Mitsu Miyamoto, the Founder of Myochikai, believing in Buddha and practicing his teachings, demonstrated her resolve to play a role in a movement for peace on the very day she established Myochikai. She declared, “The mission of Myochikai is to become a ray of light that permeates the world with mercy for every person without discrimination. Through maintaining this light we shall make a contribution to world peace.” The Founder frequently stated that peace in the family, society and the world would not be achieved until we put our egocentricity to rest and rise above our self-interest.

Ever since its inception, Myochikai has consistently promoted activities for peace based purely on religious and humanitarian grounds, energized by the spirit and stance of the Founder.

In today’s world, children are exposed to a great amount of violence that damages the dignity of their lives. Children are the precious and invaluable treasure of humanity, and yet conflicts, disasters, poverty and other adverse conditions threaten their very survival and deprive them of their well-being. We can no longer watch in silence as children’s rights are so gravely violated. The Arigatou Foundation was established to bring change to the deplorable conditions surrounding the world’s children.

Until today, the Arigatou Foundation’s activities have focused mainly on provision of various types of assistance, while promoting dialogue and cooperation with people of religions sharing similar objectives, as well as with UN agencies and NGOs. Through this experience, I perceived the acute need for networking to promote the exchange of information among people working for children and to further invigorate their activities. Thus, the plan was announced to organize the “Global Network of Religions for Children.”

With the opening of the First Forum on May 16, 2000, the GNRC is now officially established. It is my hope that this network will facilitate coordination and cooperation based on mutual understanding and respect among individuals and organizations working for children. The strength of Myochikai may be limited, but we will do our utmost to create an environment in which all children can grow up free of fear and with the hope to build their own future.

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