Teacher’s Awareness Programme on Value Education held in Nepal

The Principals from different schools in Nepal participated (all together there were 135 participants) in this programme on the 25 & 26 January 2008 held at the Bhaktapur District, Nepal. All together Nineteen Schools have taken part from Improve the Mind or Character of Somebody (EDIFY) Private Schools’ Organization Nepal, in the programme. It was very interesting that all the participants were young teachers. All the teachers contributed a lot in every session like; self-management, interaction, ethical games, songs, yoga, meditation.

There was a workshop on “self management tools”. It was based on interaction for example: as a teacher how to have a good relationship with the students, parents and the administration (and as human beings with all people). The teachers came up with good ideas. Every one collectively came up with the idea that “we should have a good foundation of well understanding and reliability among the people. In this way, we discussed on other ethical values”. There was power point presentation on the basic ethical values by Dr. C. M. Yogi. We organized some games, yoga class & singing song based on ethical values.

Programme outcomes: There was a discussion on “YADI YASTO BHAYO BHANE” (Imagine if something happens like this). All teachers actively took part in this interaction. This discussion dealt with various real life situations problems in the administration, teaching, behavior of teachers, students, ethics of teachers and so on. At the end we organized a teacher’s commitment to develop high self esteem for being a teacher. Every one together came up with an oath, in which ethical values of teacher was stated.

Written by Mr. Dadhiram Khnal

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