Inaugural Children’s Camp held in Wallawaya, Sri Lanka

The GNRC Sri Lanka Team organized their inaugural Children’s Camp in Wallawaya, Monaragala (Uva Province) from the 11 to the 13 January with the participation of sixty-six kids representing thirteen villages of the Monaragala District. The camp was held in a temple named “Waliyaya Pirivena” in Monaragala.

The Children gathered on the 11th (Friday) after school at the temple and had the inaugural session around 6.00 p.m. in the evening where they had a couple of ice breakers and a short introduction to the camp. Surely the camp became the most happiest times of their entire life, as they always wanted to be playful, enjoy and learn at the same time.

The programme of the camp itself was completely different from the traditional programmes that you would have ever gone through. The GNRC Team always tried to emphasized, what does the simple words like “respect”, “responsibility”, “empathy” and “reconciliation” affects our lives.

“respect”, “responsibility”, “empathy” and “reconciliation” are just four simple words we always use in our schools, communities and also we always hear and see the use of these words in the newspapers and in the media every day, but did we ever understand what it meant and what a difference it can make? When the kids started to talk about these four words and then shared their own stories. When they kept on building up on every ones’ thoughts they realized that simply what those meant and the power of those words.

The kids realized that every person should have those qualities in order for this world to be a peaceful and unique place, thereby making it, a place where everyone would love to live in.

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