GNRC Sri Lanka Distributes Ethics Story Books for Children

GNRC Sri Lanka dispatched story books printed about Ethics for Children to its partner units of Sarvodaya, namely the Community Health Unit and the Early Childhood Development Unit.

The Early Childhood Development Unit (ECDU) of Sarvodaya work in 225 tsunami villages with the support of UNICEF. These districts are scattered all around the country and have a huge reach of children. The ECDU conducts evening sessions (after school hours) for children to develop their creativity, through sports and recreational activities. They also support their education by establishing libraries in those villages. These story books will be sent to almost all these libraries so that a vast number of children will have access to these books.

The Sri Lankan map shows the districts, in which the ECDU-UNICEF project is functioning.

The Community Health Unit (CHU) of Sarvodaya work in all the Sarvodaya Districts in the Country promoting good health practices to people no matter they are young or old. The CHU works with young groups to mobilize most of their programmes.

More information about these Units can be obtained from

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