Creative Writing & Spiritual Gathering in Nepal

Children from different partner organizations were involved in this activity. Shanti Sewa Ashram organized a creative writing programme for the children on the 8 & 15 December 2007 at senior & junior levels. Similarly, Baal Shiksha also has conducted a creative writing programme in its different classes. The facilitators were assisting the children. They divided the children in to four groups. The groups were Peace, Love, Service & truth. The children worked in-groups. They had written heart touching poems & some stories related to values. The children were able to express their views on the four Ethical values. Around 90 children took part in this event.

In the third & the fourth week of December (22 & 29 December 2007), we had spiritual gathering. The children from different partner organizations participated in this activity. The gathering comprised of visiting 3 important religious centers: Pashupatinath (Hindu Temple), Baudhanath (Buddhist Shrine) and Jame Masjid (Mosque). In the beginning of each visit, Dr. C.M. Yogi highlighted the importance of understanding and respecting the different beliefs and faiths. About 75 students took part for this programme

Programme outcomes:

The spiritual leaders gave an explanation of the history, their beliefs & the values of their religion. The children especially enjoyed the visit of Mosque, as most of the Hindu and Buddhist children had never been to Mosque before. They asked interesting questions and concerned religious leaders answered the queries of children. All participants were actively involved in interfaith prayers different spiritual places.

At the end of the programme, there was an interactive session. The children concluded that they understood that all religions share important basic human values. No religion is better or worse than the other. They also expressed understanding that one should respect all the religions of the world.

Written by Mr. Dadhiram Khnal

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