Children’s Camp held in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

The GNRC Sri Lanka Team organized their third Children’s Camp at the Trincomalee Sarvodaya District Centre (Eastern Province) from the 08 to the 10 February with the participation of sixty five kids representing nine villages of the Trincomalee District.

As Trincomalee is a major war torn area in Sri Lanka, it’s extremely especial the meeting of twenty each kids from three different communities; Muslims, Tamils and Sinhalese. The other speciality was that the Sarvodaya District Centre was next to a Trincomalee Naval Camp, and there was live firing in the near by sea at the time of inaugural session on the 08th evening.

It was quite a big question mark for the participants as they may have started to wonder what we were planning to do. We later realize their thoughts while streaming through the photographs captured by our GNRC Team members.

Similar to the previous children’s camps held in Wallawaya and Ratnapura, the life tree exercise gave them a insight to their own lives and also made them comfortable being safe with in each other as every one of them were open and honest and understanding the other person by getting in to their shoes, but also this was quite a huge experience for the GNRC Team as when they started sharing their real life experience of the war and feelings of fear of loosing their own parents, community and friends.

The whole group was also taken to a Hindu Temple near by for a religious observance.

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