Children’s Camp held in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

The GNRC Sri Lanka Team organized their second Children’s Camp in Pathakada, Ratnapura (Sabaragamuwa Province) from the 1 to the 3 February with the participation of fifty kids representing fifteen villages of the Ratnapura District. The camp was held at the “Pathakada Bikku Trainging Centre” in Ratnapura.

Similar to the previous children’s camp in Wallawaya, the life tree exercise gave them a insight to their own lives and also made them comfortable being safe with in each other as every one of them were open and honest and understanding the other person by getting in to their shoes.

As the words “respect”, “responsibility”, “empathy” and “reconciliation” were the key words for the camp and once the GNRC Team brought the kids to a level where they started understanding what each word mean, they started to build on from the point we stopped and they simply went forward by adding more value to it. They depicted what they grasped when they acted out small skits and role plays. The kids them selves realized that every person should have those qualities in order for this world to be a peaceful and unique place, thereby making it, a place where everyone would love to live in.

The Cultural night was done in a bit of grand scale, coordinated by the children them selves was very well organized, its a fact that they learnt a lot from each other.

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