World Day of Prayer and Action for Children Celebration – From the Dominican Republic to the Salesians around the world

International Volunteers for Development* and the Salesians Promote the Day!In Santo Domingo’s Cristo Rey neighborhood, The Working Children and Don Bosco Center ( Centro Niños Chipoteros con Don Bosco) celebrated the World Day on November 19 and 21. This Center is part of the Boys and Girls with Don Bosco (Muchachos y Muchachas con Don Bosco) network, run by the Salesians in the Dominican Republic. This is a network of educational organizations to benefit working girls, boys and adolescents, orphans or homeless children who live at risk, lacking social and/or family protection. The Network protects and advocates the human rights of these children and their families.
On the 19th, the executive team and Center personnel started the day praying for the children of the world. Next, the children and teachers at the Center prayed using the Latin-American prayer, and organized an art context with the DPAC logo. On the 21st, educators and children at the Center prayed again, and were briefed on the World Day of Prayer for children, its mission and vision.
The person in charge of overseeing the implementation of the Day in this and other similar centers was Silvia Mazzarelli, a VIS a GNRC volunteer for two years in Ecuador.

Silvia also made it possible for there to be an unprecedented achievement for the World Day, support for the Day by Salesian High-Rector, Fr. Pascual Chavez, who called on over 200,000 Salesians around the world to celebrate and promote the Day. By way of on-line Salesian publications in five languages, the High-Rector made reference to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the potential for all religions to act together to promote the rights of boys and girls.

The information also included the “Latin-American Prayer” that had been prepared for the World Day. The Salesian Congregation is the largest Catholic congregation, and oversees schools, high-schools and centers dedicated to boys and girls in particularly difficult circumstances around the world.

*(Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo-VIS)

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