The GNRC in Cuba celebrates the Day of Prayer and Action for Children at the Children’s Hospital of Holguín

The GNRC in Cuba celebrates the Day of Prayer and Action for Childrenat the Children’s Hospital of HolguínLeer en Castellano…In the city of Holguín (Cuba), the celebration of the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children had the aim of bringing a moment of joy and hope to the children of the Hospital of the City. Religious leaders and other representatives of faith-based organizations, met for five weeks to organize the celebration and to pray for the sick children.The celebration took place on November 20 at 3:00 p.m. in the theater of the hospital. The event was coordinated by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and was supported by the Ministry of Public Health, officials from the Ministry of Education, the Catholic Church, the Association of Artisans and representatives of the Baptist, Adventist and Pentecostal Churches and of the African religions as well as some atheists.

Two hundred seventy five children (182 girls and 93 boys) participated in the event. A group of art teachers accompanied the religious representatives during the celebration. The theater was decorated with many colors and posters with messages of hope. The children, accompanied by their parents or in some cases by doctors and nurses, enjoyed music, dance and theater  shows. Children of the primary school "Grave de Peralta" presented the play "Let us join hands", a play about spirituality and the unity of life.. 

The second moment of the evening was dedicated to the global prayer for children, through the voice of Calvert, a 10 year old boy. Then the song "let's play" gave space to a time of fun with clowns, jugglers, actors, singers and musicians.

The evening continued with a play about a portion of the Bible from the Book of Genesis, where Ishmael, Abraham's eldest son, abandoned in the desert by his father and mother was saved by God. 

The children enjoyed an afternoon of joy, smiles and prayers. The Good Wings Theatre Company presented another play and the event ended with the song "Let children be children", to remember that it is our responsibility to take care, protect and educate children and to give them a better world.

At the end of the day, the children had candies and toys in their hands, a big smile on their lips and in their hearts the faith, love and hope that is only achieved when being in touch with God.



DPAC Celebration in Holguín coordinated by María Yi.

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