Panama: Interfaith Pilgrimage

 On Thursday February 24, GNRC Panama held an Interfaith Pilgrimage, in response to the Colon Islamic Cultural Center.

The GNRC children learned about the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his teachings in the Quran, through artistic expression – such as songs, skits, performances – by students of the Arab School. The presentation was in honor of the birth of the Prophet. It was a chance to strengthen bonds of friendship and to confirm the Muslim community’s commitment to its work with GNRC.

The children addressed the Muslim community authorities expressing their joy in sharing the celebration to honor the Prophet and their gratitude for the kind and friendly reception.

Following the activities, there was an opportunity to evaluate the lessons learned with the children, and it was very satisfactory. The children were accompanied by members of the GNRC-Panama acting committee.

Written by Isis Navarro

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