Panama: Ethics Education Workshop at the Pan-American Institute

An Ethics Education workshop was held for professors at the Department of Christian Training in the Pan-American Institute, along with guest teachers from schools from the GNRC-Panama regions.

Preparation for the Workshop involved a work-party with support from the GNRC children in making the materials that were used. We were able to assemble the 14 Kiosks, as they are described in the Learning to Live Together Manual. The children’s collaboration was very important in executing the Workshop.

On Tuesday, February 8, the Workshop session lasted from 9am to 1:30pm. The use of the Learning to Live Together Manual was introduced to 10 professors at the Department of Christian Training at the Pan-American Insitute and an Ethics professor at the Bahá’í Community’s Badi School. The School Administration made space available at their installations, and also collaborated with the refreshments and meals for participants.

The workshop took place under the leadership of Isis Navarro, with collaboration from Esperanza Principio and the children Yolanys Chavez, Keydy Gonzalez and Madeleine Jaramillo.

The workshop took place in an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and had the active participation of the teachers. According to verbal and written evaluations of the event, it fulfilled and surpassed all expectations; they noted the creative aspect and Workshop facilitation. The participation of the children was also well received.

Finally, the professors accepted the challenge of using the Manual in all levels of learning. The Department administration ratified the School’s commitment to incorporate the Manual in the Christian Training curricular program. By request of the Department Chaplain, the workshop materials were donated, as they will be very useful in implementing the Manual.

There was an agreement to hold a second trimester joint assessment of the program development.

Written by Isis Navarro.

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