Panama: 60 Children Participate in Interfaith Campaign

A total of 60 children participated in an interfaith campaign, and visited the well-known ecumenical center “Ciudad del Saber”, and the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, as well as Kol Shearith Israel Synagogue.

The first activity took place at the Clayton Ecumenical Community’s “Ciudad del Saber” (City of Knowledge). There were 60 children from the Agustiniano School, and 10 adults including teaching staff and guest speakers. First came an explanation of the “Learning to Live Together” Manual, its contents, goals and who can use it. Subsequently, a youth, Yarellis Degracia, shared her experience of celebrating the Day of Prayer, and her participation in Japan in 2010.

The children were visibly enthusiastic, and they showed interest in participating in GNRC activities. Therefore, a follow-up meeting was scheduled with the school director to share information about GNRC, and coordinate the DPAC celebration.

The second activity took place at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, where religious authorities greeted the children. A discussion ensued regarding the Greek Orthodox religion, and an exchange regarding Christianity. At the end of this activity, a delicious breakfast was offered.

The third activity was at the Kol Shearith Israel Synagogue, where Rabbi Gustavo Kraselnik made a very effective presentation of Judaism. The children were interested in learning more and asked many questions, but time ran short.

We agreed to arrange a visit to the school and invite the religious leaders to an interfaith dialogue. Children were encouraged to create spaces in the schools to promote interfaith learning, and take on the commitment to learning to live together.

Report prepared by Isis Navarro.

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