Nicaragua Creates Inter-faith Committee for Prayer and Action

In the city of Managua and at sites all around the country different faith-based groups participated in saying the Latin American prayer for children, and as a result, for the first time in Nicaragua, an interfaith committee was created for prayer and action, with representatives from seven religious organizations.

On November 9, 2011, around the symbol of a shared table for bread and dialogue, leaders from different expressions of faith, including children, met in Managua, the Nicaraguan capital. The objective of this gathering was to present the proposal for the Day of Prayer and Action, and organize the Prayer Committee.  This has been a first ever achievement.

On Saturday, November 19, using the figure and concept of the kiosk, a space was designed called “Interfaith Kiosk,” to house different expressions of faith throughout a week, who would use prayer, reflection and games to motivate participants to consult on the actions that would lead to a joint effort to overcome violence in families.

The Day of Prayer and Action for Children focused on “Peace in the Family.” The main aspects focused on sharing worldwide and national statistics on family violence focusing on prevention, and the responses the Prayer Committee would facilitate. Children and adults alike offered the Latin American prayer. From November 20th to the 24th each member organization coordinated a day of activities with participation of children, youth and adults. Prayers and petitions were raised, literature was on display, songs were shared and there was consultation on unity, family values and human rights.

The event closed on the 25th with participation of the children from different expressions of faith who shared prayers and reflections on the week-long experience, and the challenges proposed in the different consultations which form an country-wide agenda for GNRC’s contribution to overcoming family violence.

Report by Karline Urbina.


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