In Colombia the GNRC organizes workshop on family resilience

In Colombia the GNRC organizes workshop on family resilienceLeer en Castellano…On 29 and 30 March 2014, the GNRC Colombia organized an ethics education workshop on family resilience. The workshop targeting 16 adolescents and 12 adults of the “Growing Together” project of the Mennonite Church, was held in Bogotá, in the Archdiocese “Road to Emmaus.” The 28 participants (Catholics, Anglicans, Mennonites and Buddhists) learned how to be resilient people who know how to cope and overcome the different situations and difficulties that arise in their lives.

The workshop offered the participants a space to reflect on important values such as empathy and responsability, to be practiced every day at home in order to avoid conflicts and domestic violence and to better understand the role of being a father, mother, son or daughter.

Participants also practiced techniques for alternative and positive discipline and for an effective dialogue that can address complex problems and situations that may occur within families.

Prepared by Iris Mayerly Angarita Amaya (Youth Coordinator GNRC Colombia) and Silvia Mazzarelli.
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