GNRC El Salvador Youth Discuss National Law with Government

EL SALVADORJun,16 2010GNRC Youth Discuss National Youth Law With Goverment

The GNRC – El Salvador administrative committee, represented by its 9 members and along with 24 youth from their religious communities, participated in the Youth Dialogue’s Ecumenical and Interreligious Table on Wednesday, June 16th. This event was sponsored by the Secretariat of Social Inclusion of El Salvador’s government.

The Government of El Salvador has initiated a series of focus group consultations on the creation of the National Youth Law. One of such focus groups was for religious youth. By means of this participative method, contributions were made towards to creation of this law and thereby including the religious youth sector’s input and opinions.

During the protocolar ceremony, we represented the GNRC at the High Table in the company of the National Youth Director from the National Secretariat for Social Inclusion and other religious representatives.

We were able to make the GNRC more visible, and the contributions of the youth delegation enriched the process considerably. The Youth Director showed much interest in the “Learning to Live Together” manual as a resource for working towards a culture of peace.

Written in Spanish by
Gabriela Velis

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