GNRC El Salvador consults children of the interfaith network in preparation for Fourth Forum

The consultations took place Sunday February 26, at the “Dar Ibrahim” Mosque in the capital of El Salvador.Five religious communities were present:  Bahá’í Community,  Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, Muslim Community and the Christian Student Movement.

The GNRC’s Fourth Forum this year will address actions that faith-based groups can take to eliminate poverty. Local consultations have been called for, in order to nurture delegates’ ideas with those of the children in their countries.

With this in mind, a group of 8 children and youth came together to share what they think about the issue and the kind of solutions they would consider to face the problem.

Among the solutions suggested by the group were:
• More job opportunities and be able to help with values. Hector, age 14.
• Create programs for teachers to improve education. Hugo, age 15.
• Incorporate youth in workshop and trainings in organizations and churches. Blanquita, age 17.
• The government should open up a space for street sellers instead of taking their work away. Camila, age 14.
• Reduce global pollution, decentralize world resources, reduce poverty looking for new sources of energy. Carlos, age 19.
• Hold medical drives for poor towns, and generate jobs so they can purchase medicine. Claudia, age 20.
• Lack of education is at the base of all the problems, we have to give moral and intellectual education. Fatima, age 12.
• Implement projects for accompaniment and ethical education, but not during school hours, as an elective. In this, we as children can help out. Ariel, age 13.

Written by Laura Herrera
GNRC El Salvador.

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