GNRC Argentina: Youth in action for the Day of Prayer and Action for Children

In Buenos Aires, 119 met to discuss the issue of violence and define commitments to work to overcome it. A group of 16 youth-facilitators lead the encounter at “Ramos Mejía” Ward School, a preparatory step toward the implementation of the Day of Prayer and Action for Children next November 20.

This was the first Encounter where leader-referent points trained to take for a leadership role were in charge of creating, preparing, planning and executing the Workshop with the adolescents and youth from both areas.

The group of leaders comprises 16 youth of both genders, and from both places of origin, who had previously attended training workshops.

The topics revolved around violence prevention. The workshop started with an explanation of the Altar which they had built. A series of symbols such as candles, flowers, handwritten prayers, had been lain out, underscoring the importance of self expression, of making and sharing our requests, desires and gratitude, feeling we can unite in diversity, trusting a Being of Love, and that this love manifests and becomes harmony, peace, justice and caring for each other. Prayers were said for the Encounter and for Peace in our country and around the world.

After experiencing this very emotional moment, the young leaders created a festive environment with an integration game. The issue of “Violence” was presented on posters and proposals which had been prepared by the groups from each area. Cards bearing commitments to “non-violence” were exchanged and placed on the Altar. A video on the issue was projected. Participants then made up skits representing actual situations, reverting the painful experiences with reparative and transformational endings.

Written by Ana de Medio
GNRC Argentina


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