El Salvador: Youth Send Message to GNRC Fourth Forum in Tanzania

Children and youth met to prepare the message for the GNRC’s Fourth Forum.

Children of the GNRC El Salvador sent a message from Latin America and the Caribbean to the entire world through their two delegates who will represent them at the GNRC’s Fourth World Forum in Tanzania, from June 16 to the 18.

They chose an artistic presentation for their message: “Nurture, Change, Inspire”. They drew the words out on a banner and decorated it in an Art Naif style that has become distinctive of the Salvadoran people since its widespread use after being made popular by Salvadoran artist Fernando Llort.

Pencils, laughter, creativity and lots of color filled three sessions dedicated to completing this message that will travel all the way to the African continent with the voice of the smallest people in the “Tom Thumb of America”.

By Gabriela Velis
GNRC El Salvador

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