El Salvador: Visiting Bread of Life Church and the University of Brahma Kumaris

Ongoing interfaith visits with the youth participating in GNRC El Salvador included two new communities of faith: The Lutheran “Bread of Life” Church and University of Brahma Kumaris.

During the month of May, two new visits took place. The GNRC children and youth participated in a Lutheran service and had the chance to share songs and quality time with a small rural community in the mountains of El Salvador, and to hear the sermon from woman pastor Blanca Irma. Most of the youth said it was the first time they had participated in a service presided by a woman. She was the first woman to be ordained in the history of El Salvador. During the service, Blanca Irma invited all to share the Lord’s Supper, blessing the fruit juice and grapes as a symbol of sharing the Word of God.

The following week the youth had a chance to visit the Brahma Kumaris, which is a non-religious institution from India that proposes the practice of meditation for spiritual growth. There was time for questions and answers about this form of spirituality. Next, they got to practice meditation, which was a new experience for the group.

As the youth learn about other communities of faith, their knowledge and practical experience grow and they “learn to live together.”

By Gabriela Velis
GNRC El Salvador

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