El Salvador: Government Presents GNRC as an Opportunity for Salvadoran Youth

On August 19, 20 and 21 this year, the Salvadoran government held the Youth Opportunities Fair. The religious sector was invited to participate, and communities used the space to share the GNRC initiative.

The Fair, was planned for 70 thousand visitors, presenting offerings in terms of employment, culture, education and other social areas. Inasmuch as “the spiritual offering of religion is part of the comprehensive formation of youth,” as was related by a representative of CONJUVE the National Council on Youth, this governmental agency opened the doors to religious institutions interested in presenting opportunities for youth.

Several Salvadoran religious organizations met at the main pavilion at the Fair and Convention Center. Additionally, from the stands of some of the organizations that make up the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) information was shared regarding the objectives of constructing interfaith dialogue to favor children..

A preparatory meeting with a CONJUVE official at the Ministry of Justice with all religious institution representatives present, it was agreed that they would all set up at the same sector of the Central American Pavilion, to share the a message to Salvadoran youth transmitting unity and harmony. It was also proposed to the government spokesman that the religious sector effort is an important step to coordinate the Interfaith Dialogue Roundtable called for by the Salvadoran Government to carry out concrete actions to benefit the youth of El Salvador.

Image galery: El Salvador: Gobierno ofrece GRNC como oportunidad para la juventud.


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