Dominican Republic: Ethics Education Workshop

From October 28 to November 1st, the GNRC-LAC implemented the first Ethics Education workshop for the Dominican Republic at Jarabacoa, promoting a culture of peace and responsible and positive citizenship in relationships and spaces for the development of children, including prevention of violence in families, schools and the overall community.

Guided by the “Learning to Live Together” Manual, 44 participants and facilitators achieved the workshop objectives: 1) Train educators and people who work with children and adolescents to use the Manual’s methodology; 2) Deep consideration of violence in light of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and ethics; 3) build alliances to promote a culture of peace; and 4) strengthen the GNRC mission in the Dominican Republic, promoting interfaith dialogue to benefit children.

Workshop sessions included a rich collective exchange of experiences and visions, from the participants’ nine religious and spiritual traditions: Baha’i, Baptist, Tibetan Buddhist, Catholic, Evangelical, Metropolitan Community Church, Latter Day Saints, Reiki and International Society of Divine Consciousness.

Participants represented different organizations as well: Scalabriniana Association, Catholic Relief Services, Street Children with Don Bosco, Boys and Girls with Don Bosco, Street-Vendor Children with Don Bosco, Poveda Cultural Center, Renacer Home, Ministry of Education, World Vision, International Volunteers for Development and UNICEF.

The participation of 10 children filled the workshop with their experiences and perceptions, the wisdom of those who present problems and solutions without ties to other interests. Their contributions were invaluable, and they transmitted certainty to everyone that intervening in their comprehensive education is the best way to construct a just and fraternal society.

The participants committed to charing and reproducing “Learning to Live Together” in their respective organizations. The collective committed to moving forward and deepening the GNRC Ethics Education Proposal in the Dominican Republic, and preparations began for the implementation of the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children.

By Mercedes Román and Silvia Mazzarelli.
November 7, 2012.

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