Day of Prayer Panamá

                                                                                           In the Bahá’í Community

The national commission on external affairs of the Bahá’í Community organized and carried out the activity “ Day of Prayer for the Children”, on Sunday 23 Nov 2008.  To read more…

                                                                    Christian Community of Felipillo

The children of the Christian Community of Felipillo worked, expressing the subject of poverty from their own experience, in drawings and writing what they live in their surroundings. To see more photos…

                                                             In the Jewish Community

Within the Framework of their activities, the NOAR juvenile organization of the Jewish Community held a reunion to commemorate the new anniversary of the Convention on the rights of the child.
The activity included the reciting of allusive texts, prayers and the reading of passages from said Convention.

                                                               In the Muslim Community

“The cause for poverty in this World is two things: uncontrolled ambition of the Rich that are Richer every day as poverty increases”. To read more…

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