Day of prayer Brasil

The prayer was read in a widely broadcast national program: Transmitted on the 20th on various Catholic stations, in a high school, and read at a Catholic religious service, as well as in two Sao Paulo Jewish communities, during their Sabbath services. The opportunity was taken to explain the GNRC to these two communities. The subject also appeared in no fewer than 30 webpages of religious and inter-religious organizations, along with press releases, explaining GNRC, the meaning of the Day of Prayer for Children, and its relation with the Convention on Children’s Rights.

They took advantage of the structure of the Pastoral de la Crianza to be read and broadcast the information in all centers of attention, media and workplaces. During the month of November, the prayers were taken to the 1.4 million families attended by the Pastoral. The Day was linked to a call to action to carry out civil registration of children. In the photo: the moment of prayer at the headquarters of the organization in Curitiba, with the presence of Dr. Zilda Arens Newmann, president and founder of the organization. (see the complete report in Portuguese).

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