Day of Prayer and Action for Children 2009

The Day of Prayer in 2009 focused on the following actionsSee web”The Day of Prayer and Action for Children”  

  • Interreligious celebrations: prayers, liturgies, devotionals, chanting, choruses and meditative readings.
  • Cultural events that focused on building peace, unity, the propagation of aboriginal cultures, the circumstances of children today, as well as the GNRC’s background and nature through: songs for peace, cooperative games, unity hugs, delivering cards on the Day of Prayer to participating authorities, and news about the celebration on the radio.
  • Reflection on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children prayed for the implementation of the Convention.
  • The commitment to develop and put into action projects in each community.
  • The use of symbols, candles, marionettes, Day of Prayer cards, artwork and videos about the power of prayer, unity, peace and respect.
  • The prayer offered for this day by the GNRC – Latin America. In some countries, a minute of silence was observed, as well.

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