Colombia: GNRC youth takes the lead in planning and implementing

On May 14 GNRC youth in Colombia met in the Mennonite Church, Ciudad Berna, Bogota DC, to reflect and plan the development of the GNRC in Colombia. Participating in this event were youth representatives from the following insitutions: “Growing Together” Foundation, Methodist Church and the Mennonite Church.
GNRC in Colombia has been providing services to different youth programs in churches and institutions affiliated with the Network. This will remain the focus for the network’s action in the coming months. These services include workshops with young people in communities belonging to the Episcopal Church, the World Vision “Growing Together” programme, and a camp bringing together young people who have benefited from the ethics education program “Learning to Live Together”. The GNRC in Colombia – htrough the youth leadership- is also starting to take action on environmental issues. The planning meeting also included decisions to implement this year’s World Day of Prayer and Action for Children and GNRC-COloambia’s National Assembly.

In additiona, adults are initiating dialogue with governmental authorities to introduce the Ethics Education program at the Ministry of Social Welfare.

GNRC Colombia has achieved a very positive dialogue between adults and youth, the latter participating in the Steering Committee in same terms. Even more, young people are encouraged to take responsibility for actions aimed at other youth.

Prepared by:
Mayerly Angarita
Coordinadora juvenil

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