Colombia: GNRC & CLAI Hold Workshop on Ecotheology

On August 27, at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Anglican Church, GNRC and CLAI (Council for Latin American Churches) came together to hold a workshop on Ecotheology in Bogota. The purpose was to reflect and plan concrete actions to care for and preserve the environment and natural resources.

During the morning, the first part was facilitated by theologian and professor at Javeriana University Mr. Alirio Caceres (deacon of the Roman Catholic Church) who presented the ecological perspective of each of the faith-based communities. In this space, Alirio used a technique with images of nature where groups represented each of the images and the environment they inhabit (water, wind, mountains, valleys). Next, on an image of a tree, a diagram was made to represent the causes and consequences of damaging the environment. Finally, there was a reflection about the way all this relates to nature, and how everything is part of an ecosystem that must not be truncated as this would mean extinction and death to all living beings.

During the afternoon, several activities were shared from the “Learning to Live Together” manual, facilitated by Mayerly and pastor Ricardo Angarita, with the support and cooperation of workshop participants.

It was clear that from any faith-based position, the care and preservation of natural resources is highly important, and there was a brainstorm regarding the commitment that each faith-based community ought to take on in order to visibly respect and care for the planet.

At this event there were youth representatives from the following institutions and ecclesiastical communities: “Creciendo Juntos” Foundation, Methodist Church, Menonite Church, Lutheran Church and Anglican Communion Episcopal Church.

There was support and accompaniment by pastor Isdalia Ortega of the Menonite Church, Pastor Ricardo Angarita of the Methodist Church, national youth leader John Melo of the Anglican church, who was likewise the event host.

Written by Mayerly Angarita.

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