Brazil: Violence in School is Our Responsibility Too

In Brasilia, a workshop took place on the use of the Manual “Learning to Live Together” with the topic “Violence at School is Also our Responsibility.” at the Cultural Center of Brasilia was the setting for much learning on November 11 to 15, 2011.

The GNRC Brasilia hosted a workshop on the use of the Ethics Education Manual “Learning to Live Together” for 35 representatives from the following communities: Lutheran Community of Brasilia, Jewish Community, Catholic Church, Tibetan Buddhists, Spiritism, Children’s Pastoral Services, Youth Pastoral Services, Art Pastoral Group, Alternatives to Violence Project, Afro-nzinga Institute, St. Ines School, Devoted to Peace Network, Families for Unification and World Peace, Padre Chico Home (Candomble), New Acropolis International, Recyclable Material Cooperative, District Council, and Human Rights Protection & Defense.

Two modules from the Learning to Live Together Manual were the basis for the work, which included activities, discussion groups, plenary debates, and other proposals. The participants got a first-hand experience of the method.

Also on hand was the UNESCO Projects Official who explained the “Open School” Project. Then she held a dialogue with participants and discussed the possibilities of using the Manual with poor populations.

For the final activity, participants and facilitators jointly prepared a plan of activities in order for each institution present to make use of the manual in their activities and in activities prepared by GNRC Brasilia.

The closing highlight of the workshop was a beautiful Interfaith Celebration prepared by Rev. Luiz Carlos, with contributions from the religious traditions present at the encounter, where all the different forms of spirituality had a space for expression.

Written by Dani Reis
GNRC Brasil



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