BRAZIL: THE ETHICS EDUCATION PROGRAM REACHES NORTHEASTERN BRAZIL.Leer en Castellano…A new training on the use of the “Learning to Live Together” Manual took place between June 12th and 16th, 2013, in Pitimbu, Paraíba State. This event brought the Ethics Education program of GNRC-Brazil to the northeastern region of the country. The training was designed for adults and youth connected with religious institutions that work with children and youth. The training was titled “Violence in our community is also our responsibility,” and took place in EL Recant de Lourdes, on the shores of the Pitimbu beach. The event was organized and announced by Children’s Pastoral-CNBB.Forty-one participants attended from the following institutions: the Assembly of God, the Nazareth Baptist Church of the Baptist Alliance of Brazil, the Brazilian Spiritual Association, the Jewish Society of Bahía, the Potiguar Indigenous Community, the Parrish Movement Group, EMATER/PB, the Association of Popular Education and Promotion of Life, Children’s Pastoral-CNBB, the House of Dreams Association, the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, Caritas Brazil-Northeast Region II, the Brothers of Sagrada Faz, Youth Pastoral, Association of Youth with Christ, the Center for Christian Education, the Pastoral Service for Migrants of the Northeast, the Focolares Movement, Youth Missionaries, AFYA Holistic Center for Women, and the Abrigo Talita Association. These 21 institutions represent two religions: Judaism and Christianity, the majority of which are from the Roman Catholic Church.


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