Brazil: DPAC 2012 Special Session at the Federal Chamber

With 150 attending at the Chamber of Deputies in the capital, the ceremony began with the National Anthem of Brazil. Then, Deputy Liliam de Sa gave the inaugural address explaining that November 20 was the Day of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, but also the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children adopted by the Global Network of Religions for Peace to encourage religious traditions to take on the commitment to mobilize resources and adopt interfaith measures to combat all forms of violence and practices that are harmful to children, adolescents and youth.

Next was the presentation by the Children’s Choir of the Goodwill Legion, from Brasilia, and the religious leaders present at the table of honor each spoke of the importance of the Day. Next was a presentation by the students at the Special Education Center No. 1 of Santa Maria, with special emphasis on Brazilian cultural expressions like the martial art Capoeira, sports and music.

Following that, the Prayer for Children was read collectively. At the end of the session, enriching the program, was the presentation by the Karate-dance group from the Cantinho do Girassol School. The ceremony ended at 12 noon.

Acknowledgements: thanks to all the children and adolescents who participated in the activity, Deputy Lilian de Sa and her team, the religious organizations, teachers who accompanied the children, the leaders at  Children´s Pastoral Services, and all those who in one way or another contributed to making this event happen.

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