Argentina: Youth Start Planning Day of Prayer and Action 2011

Leer la noticia en castellano…On July 23, 2011 the facilities of the Higher Institute for Theological Education were the site of the first workshop for youth from the organizations working at “La Matanza” district and “Pilar” where the program “For a Culture of Peace, Eradicating Violence” has been taking place since 2006. The youth convened at the workshop were natural, recognized leaders, chosen by their own groups of origin. The Organizations represented were Santa Clara Chapel, and Un Techo Para Todos, both working at “La Matanza” district of Buenos Aires, and the Youth Mobilization Institute, out of Peruzotti Barrio in Pilar province.

After the words of welcome and introductions, the session began with a moment of prayer, energizers and concentration exercises to understand the value of working as a team, mutual help and joint efforts in service toward a common goal.

By means of a skit prepared by the educators using the role playing technique suggested in the “Learning to Live Together” Manual, the attitudes of conflict and possible alternatives for solutions were presented.

A considerable amount of effort went into defining the role of youth leadership and discussing different alternatives to work on the attitudes that lead to violence. The following meeting was scheduled for the month of August.

Bibliographic material from the “Learning to Live Together” manual was shared, and from “Treatment for Good Treatment”, as incentives to plan the youth workshop together with all participating organizations in GNRC-Argentina, in order to prepare the “Day of Prayer and Action for Children” next November 20, dedicated to the issue of overcoming violence.

The meeting finished with a brief exchange of the day’s experiences and there was a closing prayer.

Written by:
Ana De Medio
Coordinator for GNRC-Argentina.

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